National Chaplains of the Philippines

The National Chaplains of the Philippines is a private, voluntary, non-profit, non-partisan, non-religious, non-sectarian and non-denominational community of Filipino Citizens driven by the passion and genuine love for God and the Country, Philippines. We support the Presidential Proclamation No. 62 s. 1992 and underpin the implementations of Executive Order No. 319 s. 1996 and Administrative Order No. 255 s. 2009 by assisting private and government sectors in institutionalizing the moral recovery program of the government through ordinances and regulations, and in facilitating moral and values enhancement programs. We are the nation’s lead MRP-NGO in strengthening the Filipino Core ValuesMAKA-DIYOS, MAKA-TAO, MAKA-KALIKASAN at MAKA-BANSA.

NCP: Advocating the Institutionalization of the Moral Recovery Program on Local Levels since 2013

WE ARE LOCALLY RECOGNIZED. Registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission as NGO. Certified NGO on numerous LGUs. Mandated as the lead NGO-MRP Partner on numerous Ordinances. Endorsed as an NGO-MRP Facilitators on numerous Government Entities.

WE ARE GLOBALLY RECOGNIZED. Validated as Eligible NGO by Techsoup Global - to received IT donations. Validated as true Non-Profit, Non-Governmental and Non-Criminal Organization by the PIR - Public Interest Registry, through the Global NGO Certifying Agency - ongood.NGO. Certified through the issuance of an .NGO top-level domain - www.ncp.NGO


An upright Filipino society with good governance.


Executive Order No. 319 s. 1996, Administrative Order No. 255 s. 2008; IRR of the Republic Act No. 6713; and Government-Nongovernment Partnership through numerous LGU Ordinances


To post/assign well trained Professional Chaplains who will initiate the Values Formation Program and other endeavors that will improve the condition of our people; physically, morally, mentally, socially and spiritually.

To assist the government in its extension of compassion, care and concern as we reach the grass root level of our society through barangay chaplains that will coordinate and work with the barangay officers in pursuant of the programs.


To implement Moral Recovery and Values Formation Program of the Philippine Government.

Promote Nation Building with Good Governance by encouraging every Barangay people to uphold the rule of law and ordinances and regulation and impress upon the spirit of love for country, honesty and integrity.


Filipino Core Values Integration Training

Moral Recovery Seminar

Values Enhancement Seminar

Barangay Flag Raising

Regular Moral Renewal Program

Spiritual Upliftment Speech